"Photography is Art for those who cannot draw"

As a photographer, it is my intention to capture the "feel" of a subject. I don't for one minute think all these shots are technically perfect, but the results are what I was aiming at when I pressed the button.

I like them for the overall effect that I have achieved and I hope you do too.

I live in West Berkshire, a lovely part of the country but the pictures shown here cover a variety of subjects, from a variety of locations.

i have built up considerable experience in photographing the interiors of places available for rental. My rates for this type of work are reasonable. Please contact me if you require any work of this nature undertaken.

The images here are all low-resolution but are available as high resolution prints. If you would like one, please contact me.

Thanks for taking a look. I have been 'clicking' for a long time now and intend to carry on so please come back soon. There could well be some new images.



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